To my valued patients:

I have closed my practice as of July 1, 2015. However, I’m going to continue to work as an OB hospitalist in Springfield, Illinois, something I have done on a part-time basis at several hospitals since 2012, so, while I will miss the surgery and most particularly my interactions with you in the office, I’ll still be delivering babies as well as teaching students, nurses, and young physicians.

Once written authorization is received from you, arrangements will be made to have a copy of your records sent to wherever you decide to establish care. An authorization form is available at the following link: Medical Record Release Form

Over the years, the times I have had the pleasure of interacting with you in the office have truly been the highlight of my professional career, and please know that I will sorely miss those visits. I thank you for placing your trust in me and for allowing me the rare privilege of being a small part of your lives as we have both grown up and grown older together, sharing good times as well as others, and working together as friends rather than in a more formal, physician-patient relationship.

Most sincerely

Barry Slotky, M.D.